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Ch. Mt View's No Doubting This Tomas FDJ (Tomas)


Sire: Ch Mt View's Public Image JH (USA)
Dam: Mt View's Spitfire JH

Born: April 24, 2008
Eyes certified:
C Sue West DVM, DACVO May 2, 2009
Hips certified: OVC Nov 24/09 - 0041719

Registration #: 1102686 (USA)
Micro chip #: 956000001411974


Received his Championship at the Ontario Breeders Association show on February 19, 2010

Tomas finished his Field Dog Junior title May 15, 2010
He is an amazing dog!  Now on to FD

Ch. Mt Views No Doubting This Tomas

Tomas at obedience
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Hiddencreek's By Faith Alone  (Tikka)

Sire:  Ch Mt View's No Doubting This Tomas FDJ (USA)
Ch Hiddencreek's Faithful Witness   (Spice II)

Born: June 7, 2012

Hip x-ray:
Eye certification:
Dr. Sue West EC038, May 4/13 (normal)
                           Tikka is 16 weeks


Little Tikka, 16 months....first hunt at Tiny Marsh
Looking back..."lets go hunting you guys we can talk later" 

Received her Advance Rally title June 7, 2014
Received her Companiion Dog title Oct 5, 2015



Tikka takes WB all three days at Markham show Mar 8, 9, & 10, 2013
First time out, way to go Tikka

Handler: Krystal Hjort

"New Champion"
At the Brittany Spaniel Club of Ontario Specialty (Erie Shores Kennel Club)
June 9, 2013 just 2 days after her first birthday

Received her field dog junior title May 2016








Ch Twoemz Spirit Of Faith FDJ

Sire: Sovereign's Chasing Legends (USA)
Dam: Gch Ginjac-Magic Me I'm The One RN (USA)

Born: Sept 3, 2015
Breeder: Michele Martin
Preliminary xray Oct 2016 - good

Received her Field Dog Junior title May 29, 2016 at 8 months




Received her Canadian Championship Aug 4, 2016
at only 11 month


Hiddencreek's Lion Of Judah  (Judah)



Sire: Ch GCH Mischiefloki Hiddencreek Gamin CGN FDJ (Gem)
Dam: Ch Hiddencreek's Dawn Of Grace

Born: April 29, 2011
Preliminary hip x-ray: good
Eyes certified:
Dr. Sue West, May 5/12 (normal)
Hips certified:

Tatoo #

Registration #:YG407245

Owners: Barbara Brownridge & Anne Phillips


 Judah finished his Canadian Championship at the Wildwood Kennel Dog Show in Woodstock on Feb. 5, 2012 where he received Best of Breed, Best Puppy & a Group 2nd.  All this from the senior puppy class beating 2 specials.  Way to go Judah!

Judah finished his American Championship in Raleigh NC March 2012

     Judah won Best Puppy in Group

at Credit Valley in Orangeville in Dec, 2011       
   New Canadian Champion - Wildwood Kennel Club Feb, 2012









New American Champion - Raleigh, NC March 2012


Three time Best Puppy in Show winner
Thank you to Anne Phillips for the expert handing of this lovely dog!


Other Hiddencreek Stud Dogs
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Ch. Beauvert's Hidden Creek Echo FDJ (Toby)

Sire: Ch Nutbutter Hiddencreeks Solomon FDJ
Dam: CH Beauvert Mischief's No Kidding FDJ

Owner:  Monica & Josef Schleiffelder
Website:  Toby's website

Born: May 1, 2009
Preliminary hip x-ray:
Eyes certified:
Hips certified:

Registration #
: WJ295617
Micro chip #:  956000001954075


Toby received his Championship at the Guelph & District Kennel Club Show on April 23, 2010 in Fergus, ON. 

Toby earned 2 legs towards his field dog junior title on May 15 & 16, 2010 at the BSCO Spring Field Dog Test. He scored a 97 on the Sunday earning him the Top Brittany (Field Dog Junior) award for the day.
Thank you to judges
Craig McDonald  & H. Murray Wolff



Ch. Beauvert's Hidden Creek Echo


Top Brittany - Field Dog Junior
BSCO Spring Field Test - May 16, 2010

Toby received the final qualifying score to earn his FDJ title on September 25, 2010.  Thank you to judge Jack Dafoe.

Now comes the really hard work, training for the next field title; FD



Retired Brittanys

Blaze,    Solomon,    Faith,    Baili,    Spice,    Sugar,   Grace,    Polly,   Louis,  Annie,  Spice II   Jenni    Abbi                                                                                                                                                                                                               back to top 

 Ch Hiddencreek's Sufficient Grace FDJ (Jenni)


Sire:  Ch Hiddencreek's Faithful Josiah
Dam:  Ch Hiddencreek's Amazing Grace

Born: Nov. 7, 2007
Eyes certified:
C Sue West DVM, DACVO - May 20/09
Hips certified:  OFA Good  4/22/2010 

Registration #
: TW186563
Tatoo #: YON 22T  LE


Received her Field Dog Junior title May 22, 2010

Jenny passed the third leg of her FDJ title on Sat May 22, 2010
Thank you to judges Jack Defoe and Mark O'Donnell


 Jenny received her Canadian Championship at the Oxford County Kennel club show
Sun. July 11, 2010
Thank you Graeme Burden for your expert handling






 Hiddencreek's Sufficient Grace (Jenni) 

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Ch. Hiddencreek's Saved by Grace FDJ (Annie)


Sire: Ch Hiddencreek's Faithful Josiah
Dam: Ch Hiddencreek's Amazing Grace

Born: Nov. 7, 2007
Preliminary hip x-ray:
Eyes certified: 

Hips certified: OVC  Aug. 25, 2009
Elbows certified: OVC  Aug. 25, 2009

Registration #
: TW186561
Tatoo #:  YON 18T LE


Received her championship Aug 24, 2008 at the SD&G dog show at Long Sault, ON.

She is currently working on her FDJ title
Annie received a perfect score of 100% to finish her FDJ

Ch. Hiddencreek's Saved by Grace (Annie)

Perfect score Field Dog Junior Sept 25, 2010
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Ch Hiddencreek's Faithful Witness (Spice II)


Sire:  Ch Hiddencreek's Dream Weaver FDJ
Dam: Ch Nutbutter Hiddencreeks Witness FDJ

Sept. 4,2006
Eyes certified: Dr. Charlotte Keller, Diplomate A.C.V.O., E.C.V.O 
April  10/10
Hips certified: OFA good Jan 13, 2009

Registration #:  SS103222
Tatoo #:
YON 15S  RE  


Spice received her Canadian Championship March 8,2008

 Spice tested May 29,2010 for the Theraputic Paws of Canada organization in Orillia. Needless to say Spice passed with flying colours. As this testing is mainly about temperament, she ruled the show. I heard many comments, "gentle, sweet, really sweet, adorable"
She will now be officially classed as a theropy dog!

Dec. 2010

Spice is accredited with the group called, Therapeutic Paws of Canada. She is doing a fabulous job, as did her predecessor. Last week we went to Gravenhurst to visit the original therapy dog leader who now is in the secure area of a nursing home. She was thrilled to see Spice and called her, 'her dog'. Needless to say she no longer has her wonderful golden named Max. She bent over to stroke Spice and began to cry, very softly. It was wonderful to see Spice understand her grief as she moved over towards Marge and sat on her feet. A great comfort. Your dogs move in mysterious ways.
Happy holidays.


Spcie is currently living in a wonderful home in Bracebridge with the McCullochs and spending her winters in Florida.  She will come back to Hiddencreek to have her puppies

Ch. Hiddencreek's Faithful Witness (Spice ll)





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Ch Hiddencreek's Point Of View FDJ  (Louis) 



Sire: Ch Mt View's No Doubting This Tomas FDJ (Tomas)
Dam: Ch Hiddencreek's Saved By Grace FDJ (Annie)

Born: May 13, 2010
Preliminary hip x-ray:
Eyes certified:
Hips certified:

Tatoo #

Registration #:XJ349590


Louis achieved his Championship Aug 4, 2011 at the Grey Bruce Kennel & Obedience Club show in Owen Sound.  He finished with a group one and group four.

On Sept 25, 2011 Louis finished his FDJ with Top Brittany Field Dog Junior

Louis is living with a wonderful Family in Ottawa










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Ch. Hiddencreek's Blaze of Glory (Blaze)


Sire: Ch Chilcote Bent Oak Creditor (USA), #1 Brittany in Canada, 1990 and 1991
Dam: Hidden Creek's Patches CD

Born: June 3, 1993
Hips certified: OFA Good - BS-8327G45F-T
Elbows certified: OFA - BSEL121-T

Registration #: BL100806
Tattoo #: YON 13B RE


Received her Championship : August 3, 1994
Received her Field Dog Junior: June 1, 1997

  • Best in Specialty Show
  • Two top qualifying scores in field dog test
  • Best Brittany in Trial
  • Open Derby - 1st & 3rd
  • Amateur Walking Derby - 1st
  • Best Dog in Trial
  • Dual Dog Award - OAPB (trial & show)

Blaze is now residing in a wonderful retirement home with Sue and Larry Hudson near Woodstock, ON.


 Blaze (Hanna) turned 17 yrs old on June 3, 2010
You are truly an amazing dog!




Ch. Hiddencreek's Blaze of Glory
(liver/white female)

Larry and Sue Hudson
Loving retirement home for Blaze


Blaze passed away in Aug 2010

Ch. Nutbutter Hiddencreeks Solomon FDJ (Solomon)


Sire: Ch Jordean Up all Night (USA) FD, #1 Brittany in Canada
Dam: Ch Hiddencreek's Over My Head, Best of Opposite, National Specialty December 2, 2002

Born: September 9, 1997
Hip certified: Ontario Veterinary College - # 009432
Eyes certified: C Sue West DVM, DACVO - May 06, 2006

Registration #: GS537612
Micro chip #: 121156552A


Received his Championship: October 10, 1998
Received his FD Jr: October 24, 1999

  • Finished 1st in Field Dog Class,
    National Specialty: December 2, 2002
  • Solomon presently has one leg towards his FD

Solomon is Hidden Creek's #1 Stud Dog, he has happily sponsored many great puppies. I can't say enough about Solomon. He is just the most happy, healthy, eager to please guy ever.

Even after a near fatal car accident in Aug. 2005, and having a torn cruciate, dislocated hip and a ruptured bladder, Solomon walked away with the Award of Merit out of the veterans class at our BSCO Specialty on Aug. 11, 2006. Considering there were 12 specials, he did a fabulous job.

At the time of his accident we opted out of the surgery and went with 6 weeks of cage rest and some homeopathic remedies. Even at nine, he still moves like a dream and has a temperament to die for. Thank you to Rebecca McAuley for all her hard work and to Judge Pat Gillerman (Florida)






Ch. Nutbutter Hiddencreeks Solomon FDJ (orange/white male)

CH Everlasting Faith Dekisskissink, FD  (Faith)
Ch Hiddencreek's Dream Weaver FDJ (Baili)


Sire: Ch Nutbutter Hiddencreeks Solomon FDJ
Dam: Ch Hiddencreek's Filled With Glory FDJ

Born: August 18, 2000
Hip certified: OVC, 012916
Eyes certified: C Sue West DVM, DACVO - May 06, 2006

CKC registration #: KQ676735
AKC reg. #: SR14722801
Tattoo #: YON 20K RE


Received his championship: March 24, 2002 after only 2 weekends
Received Field Dog Jr. title: Oct 23/05

I received a call from the Animal Shelter in Windsor just before
Christmas 2001 to inform me that a dog with my tattoo # had been
taken in about a week before. Apparently the owners just didn't think
they could care for him any longer.

The people at the shelter thought they would have to put him down but fortunately gave me a call and thanks to my friend Gary Polley from London, we relayed him back home.

I was quite surprised to find he was still intact and what a handsome
boy! I took him to a show in Jan. just for fun and the judges raved about him. We entered a second show in Feb. where he received his championship. Baili will be standing at stud to approved bitches only.

Baili retired with a family in Wiarton where he passed away in April 2009






Ch Hiddencreek's Dream Weaver FDJ
(liver/white male)

Ch Nutbutter Hiddencreek's Witness FDJ (Spice)


Sire: Hiddencreek Edgedale Freckles
Dam: Ch Hiddencreek's Over My Head

Born: June 8, 2001
Hips certified: OVC 015656
Eyes certified: C Sue West DVM, DACVO - May 06, 2006

Registration #: LL752176
Micro-chip #: 131133313A


Received her Canadian championship: April 2002
Received her FD Jr:
October 26, 2003 after three consecutive trials

Spice passed away suddenly in Nov 2006







Ch Nutbutter Hiddencreek's Witness FDJ

Ch. Hiddencreek's Mine Elect FDJ (Sugar)


Sire: Ch Chilcote's Hidden Creek Scout (USA)
Dam: Ch Hiddencreek's Blaze of Glory FD Jr

Born: July 30, 2001
Hips certified: OVC - #017465 - May 29, 2003

Registration #: LN741530
Tattoo #: YON 8L RE


Received her Canadian Championship: July 10, 2002
Received her FD Jr: May 1st, 2004 after 3 consecutive tests with
scores of 85, 88 and 93

Sugar is in a wonderful retirement home in New Liskard with Barbara Boisvert and Family




Ch. Hiddencreek's Mine Elect FDJ

Ch. Hiddencreek's Amazing Grace FDJ (Grace)


Sire: Ch Nutbutter Hiddencreeks Solomon FD Jr
Dam: Hiddencreek's Mighty Patches

Born: March 30, 2005
Preliminary hip x-ray: good
Eyes certified: C Sue West DVM, DACVO - May 06, 2006
Hips certified: OVC Dec. 13/06 - #0033920 

Registration #
: RE021203
Micro chip #: 135547126A


Received her Championship at the Blyth show on July 5, 2006

Received her Field Dog Junior title May 24, 2008


Grace is doing well, having had her surgery last Monday.  She has been most obedient in allowing us to lift her up and down off the bed and couch.  It is like she totally understands the temporary rules, and gives us a tiny “woof” or grunt to let us know we have left her alone.  If she does want to over lick her stitches, I wrap her in a blanket and she leaves them alone.  They come out on this Monday.  Each day we see the vim and vigour returning.  Each day we walk just a little further, as this is what she wants.  We have never had it so good.  She keeps us laughing, for she is a funny dog, with many a trick up her paw.  You trained her well to keep us amused.  Every family could use more humour injected into it.  Many Blessing and Much Love from Larry, Sue & Grace.                                               back

Ch. Hiddencreek's Amazing Grace

Grace is in a wonderful retirement home with
Larry and Sue Hudson in Woodstock
Nov 14, 2010

IMG_0005 (2).JPG
Grace visits Arazona with Larry & Sue
"It's a wonderful life"


 Kluke's When Going Gets Tough FDJ  (Abbi)


Sire: Ch Hiddencreek's Good Cheer FDJ
Dam: Ch Hiddencreek's Too Spicey

Born: Aug 8/09
Preliminary hip x-ray:
Eyes certified: Dr. Charlotte Keller, Diplomate A.C.V.O., E.C.V.O
April  10/10
Hips certified:

Registration #
: WQ308674
Micro chip #: 956000002070973


Abbi achieved her Field Dog Junior title May 14, 2011
Thank you to Ann Harris for handling my little girl

Abbi was awarded the Canadian Good Citizen title Feb 25, 2012

Kluke's When Going Gets Tough



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Hiddencreek's Peppermint Spirit FDJ (Polly)


Sire: Ch Hiddencreek's Dream Weaver
Dam: Ch Hiddencreek's Spirit Of Faith

Born: December 13, 2003
Preliminary hip x-rays: good
Hips certified: OFA Good - BS-12966G24F-Pl
Eyes certified: C Sue West DVM, DACVO - May 06, 2006

Registration #: NY908896
Tattoo #: YON 26N LE
AKC Registration #: SR23783801


Received her championship winning BOS at Quebec Specialty May 22/05

Finished her Field dog Junior title in Oct 2007 with scores of 95, 95 & 97. Thank you to Mike Wilshire for some very limited training.


Polly is enjoying her retirement in a wonderful home in Richmond Hill where she can still go to the bird field with her new family.












Hiddencreek's Peppermint Spirit FDJ

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