HiddenCreek Brittanys


We are planning to repeat this breeding mid to late June 2018

Puppies are here!    

Born June 30th, we have 7 puppies, 5 boys and 2 girls
These puppies are all spoken for
Sire: Am/Can Ch Hiddencreek's Lion of Judah CGN
24 hours old   


Dam:  Ch Hiddencreek's By Faith Alone CD RA FDJ

Puppies are one week old today                        great granddaughters give individual attention         Anna waits quietly while Tikka nurses


Puppies are two weeks today, they have more than doubled their birth weight.  They are just starting to open their eyes and move around a little more

Puppies are 3 weeks old today.  They have had their first sold food, a raw meat mixture.  Their table manners aren't the best but they will learn.  They are all coming out of the crate to potty.  They're moving around a lot more now and they have even found their voice.  Its quite funny.

Puppies are 4 weeks today, little personalities are beginning to appear.  I will try to get them out on the grass for a few minutes today

pictured below are: 2 liver boys, next 1 liver girl, next 1 orange girl and last 3 orange boys

A little outdoor time today for the first
Puppies are 5 weeks old today.  They are really getting mobile, hard to get everyone in the picture at the same time.  Just to remind everyone, these puppies are on a raw diet, to take them home and feed commercial food will really upset their system.  I will only guarantee puppies who are kept on a raw diet.
Puppies have just turned six weeks, missed pictures last week as I was attending dog shows.  As you can see, they are doing great.  They play outside all day and come in in the evening.  Granddaughter Audrey spends as much time as she can with them
Puppies are 7 weeks old today.  They love to get out in the yard but are very hard on my flowers:)  I'm sure everyone is anxious to get their puppy home.  I will send each one home with a small blanket they have all been sleeping on so they can take the scent of their litter mates with them to help with the transition
Puppies have all gone to their forever homes

 "Hiddencreek's Heart Of My Heart" (Bongo)

at 8 weeks has gone to his forever home

Hi Barbara!
You are right it will take some time and I want to make sure we are doing everything the right way. We are so happy to see how comfortable he has become with us and his new environment. He looks really happy . I'll give you more updates soon and will definitely take your advice on taking him out in the middle of the night while he gains a bit more self control. Here are some pictures to post on the website!

Hiddencreek's Kaffeine Kick

 He is doing fantastic.  He is asking to be let outside by whining at the baby gate that leads to the hallway and outside door.  He is very demanding about the exact routine and lets me know if it has changed in any way.   He is sleeping from 11pm until 6:30am.  He has never pee'd in his crate or x pen or car crate.   Only three mistakes inside and they were my fault not his.  He is a very strong willed little boy and has a temper when he can't have  his own way...LOVE him to bits .   He is doing well with the other dogs, too so I can't ask for anything more of him.   After all he is not even 9 wks old yet...Oh and did I mention SMART!!!!!  lol  He will certainly keep me on my toes with training  I can see already.    Elva and Kaffeine

The start of a flyball box turn and a retrieve .  Yes I start them young so their muscle memory takes over by the time they are ready to race.   Having so much fun with him.   He will have his first long trip in the van with me tomorrow, going to Napanee.  I have his xpen and cover with me and he will be sticking close to my camper at all times, but have many people visitors.  I have the hand sanitizer and paper towels ready...lol Elva

Hiddencreek's  Lioness Liwy

Livvy is settling in like a champ. She has2 new friends in Biscuit and Pickle and she's just wonderful on the leash. Today was her first trip to my favourite off leash park and tomorrow we'll go and check out a shallow spot in the stream so she can splash around. She's enjoying playing in my tomato garden (I might have to put up a small fence - she's quite insistent).

Hiddencreek's Bailey Kashani

Bailey has been nothing but a joy from the moment he stepped inside our house! He's incredibly smart and will go and stand by the backyard door and tap on it when he needs to pee. He will usually fall asleep around 11:30 and wake up at 7 ready for breakfast and a nice walk around our block before we come home for him to take his morning nap. He has an incredibly funny personality and seems to only want to chew on things that aren't his or meant to be chewed on. We love him so much and can't wait to see what the future is going to hold for this little guy.

Hiddencreek's Our Lady Peace

Good morning Barbara,

Sorry for not getting back to you last night.  We arrived home at midnight NB time.  The trip was long, but went very well.  Like mentioned yesterday she did not have any sickness and neither had any incident cident.  We stop at least every 2 hours.  She slept well with us last night, again so far no potty incident.

We had 2 boys that felt like Christmas last night and again this morning. 😉

Have a good day!!


Hiddencreek's Buddy Gevrekyan

Hi Barbara ,

It's been a week since we took Buddy home , he has adapted to his new living quarters pretty soon.
We are continuing to feed him with raw diet and some vegetables and fruits , also we added soup bones for his teeth , he's regularly playing in the back yard and getting enough exercise every day.
House training is continuing and fingers crossed today is the third day he's been good👍👏.
I'm sending some pictures for you , thank you again for making this family very happy ..
Have a nice long weekend..


Hiddencreek Just Kiddn Stanley

Hi Barbara,

I’ve attached some pictures of Stanley.   He is doing great in his new home.  He seems very comfortable and happy!   We will keep sending you pictures as he grows.   We love him so much!!

Eric and Tamara